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NEW DEVELOPEMENTS: Malaysian Airlines Flight 777

The latest developments concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 are just raising more questions about what happened. 

Malaysian military officials say the plane was being tracked on military radar even after it dropped off civilian radar.
They say it changed course over the sea and crossed back over Malaysia to the country's west coast. 
But there are still no clues as to why it wasn't signaling to civilian radar, why the crew was silent about the course change, and why there were no distress calls after it turned back. 

Today the search is widening as desperate investigators chase down any possible lead on Flight 370.

Search teams are now scouring waters hundreds of miles southwest from the plane's last known location.

Malaysian authorities say military radar spotted *something* at 2:15 am Saturday over the Strait of Malacca. When we looked at the recording it proved that there is a possibility that this aircraft made a turn back  but we are not sure if it is the same aircraft..

American radar experts from the FAA and NTSB are now being called in to review the tape.
Let them tell the world if they think this radar data showing the airplane moving off to the west was real data.

Meanwhile, another possible lead from an oil rig worker off the coast of Vietnam.  In an email he says he saw a burning object in the sky. Today search planes checked the area  but no sign of the missing Boeing 777 or its 239 passengers.

It's an excruciating wait for families of the missing.
There is no news whatsoever; it's just disappeared off the face of the earth If we could just find some wreckage or something, would be a help probably.