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Elephants run away from Circus

Get this, a trio of Elephants ran away from the Circus yesterday afternoon in Saint Charles, Missouri.
    Four vehicles were damaged as they went on this little adventure.

A Shriner says the two Elephants got away from their enclosure, went under a garage door and then walked around the parking lot damaging two campers and two pick-up trucks belonging to Circus employees.
    Several Circus goers saw it all happen.

They estimate it took around 45 minutes for several trainers to coral the three Elephants between two trailers.
"She yelled to the one guy, I need pretzels, anything, any kind of food."
"You could tell they were so upset, like oh my gosh our animals are running down. They were so upset and scared. They didn't want anyone to get hurt and they were afraid for the animals too."

They think maybe the Elephants were spooked by the crowd.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the Elephants' brief venture outside.