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Voters discuss medical marijuana

In November voters in Florida will decide on an amendment that would allow medicinal marijuana in the state.
A grass roots campaign held a meeting tonight in Crestview, and invited voters to discuss the pros and cons of the issue.      

Channel Three's Rob Brown was there.

Medicinal marijuana has become a hot topic in Florida, with a proposed amendment on the ballot in November that would make it legal statewide. On Monday, a grassroots organization met in Crestview to begin raising awareness about that issue.

Around ten people showed up for the meeting, but event organizers said every individual helps.
They spent the majority of their time discussing ways to get a heavily conservative area to listen to their side of the story.

Matthew Cunningham "There's a lot of sick people. It doesn't matter if you're on the right side or the left side. All people get sick with cancer and diseases."

Those in attendance shared personal stories about why, or how, medicinal marijuana has helped them, relatives, or friends.
They say they understand the hesitation to legalize marijuana, but feel little harm won't outweigh the many benefits.

Matthew Cunningham "It's not just these dopers on the side of the street. And we all basically need it, and we want temperance for our youth, and we don't want impaired drivers, but this will help so many people. And the sky's not going to fall when it's legalized."

Tom Laggett says if more people heard the stories of medicinal marijuana, the amendment would pass easily.

Tom Laggett "I can speak because I used to use. And I suffer from chronic pain, and right now I'm on opiates, I'm prescribed opiates and other medications, and I don't like taking pharmaceuticals because of the withdrawal symptoms."

Twenty states and the District of Colombia already allow medicinal marijuana. Event organizers hope in November Florida will become the next. In Crestview, Rob Brown, Channel Three News.