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Appetite for Life receives donations to make up for loss of CMT reality show not coming to area beach

PENSACOLA --  Last month producers of the reality show "Party Down South" decided not to shoot their next season at Pensacola Beach.  In large part because they got a lot of push-back from the community.
But because of that a non-profit catering company that feeds a lot of people in need lost out on a big contract.

The company is now getting some help to make up for the loss.
Folks here at Appetite for Life say they started noticing something odd about the donations they were getting last week.

Celeste Southard, Executive Director, Appetite For Life: "We had no idea where it was comin' from."
Celeste Southard is the Executive Director for the company that feeds a lot of people in need in Pensacola.
She says the donations they started receiving a week ago were for odd amounts, with some coming from far away.

Celeste Southard, Executive Director, Appetite For Life: "We had donations come in from Tennessee, actually we had a couple come in from Tennessee."
Why were these strange donations being made?
The answer is right here.  This post on the Facebook page for "Locals against Party Down South in Pensacola."
The group, which has 11,500 likes, was a big part of the effort to keep the CMT reality show off the beach.
But Southard says the group's administrators felt bad about Appetite for Life losing out on such a big contract.

Celeste Southard, Executive Director, Appetite For Life: "It was like 150,000 dollars for the 56 days or so they were gonna be here."
The Facebook group asked its fans to donate 13.10 each, figuring if everyone donated that amount, it would make up for what Appetite for Life lost.
Southard says so far they've received more than 1400 dollars in donations, money that will go directly into the company's charity efforts.
Administrators for the "Locals against Party Down South" Facebook page are also now helping organize a fundraising event for Appetite for Life.