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Health: Spring Break - Have fun but stay vigilant

Spring Break is fast approaching for college students across the country.
What should parents and students know about how kids can stay safe during the holiday?
During Spring Break, college students often flock to the coast for some sun, sand, and a splash in the ocean.

While this is a time to kick back and relax, experts say, don't let your guard down completely.

"You want to be aware of your surroundings. If there are bad guys out there, they are looking for drunk students on spring break."

Blend in with the crowd and be sure to always have a buddy around.
"Dr. Gregory Moore: Go out with your friends, and return with your friends. Always have a designated driver. And if you are going to drink, be sure that you keep it under control."

Injuries are a problem for some students and that includes sunburn. Don't forget the sunscreen and apply it often.

"Dr. Gregory Moore: Every time you get out of the water, reapply the sunscreen."
If you're going abroad, don't put off getting your travel vaccines until the last minute. It takes at least a week for shots to become effective.

And no matter where you stay, don't book a first floor room. Break-ins are more likely on street level.

Whether you're traveling to Miami or Malibu, enjoy the holiday, but stay vigilant.  For more health related stories just click here