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Revenge Porn carries no punishment in Florida

FLORIDA  --  Revenge porn is just as bad as it sounds.
The act of posting nude or semi-nude pictures online to embarrass an ex carries no punishment in Florida.

Sending nude or semi nude photos to someone has become a trend that both kids and adults are doing. The "sexting" is meant to remain private.  If a vindictive ex posts the photo online for others to see without consent - an act known as revenge porn - there is no penalty in Florida. Sen. David Simmons bill would criminalize revenge porn.

Sen. David Simmons/Altamonte Springs
"There are going to be a lot of people that are going to think twice about publishing these types of intimate photographs."

Florida's Senate chambers hardly seems like a place where pornography would be a hot topic, but that was the case Tuesday. 

Sen. David Simmons/Altamonte Springs
"With the click of a key a person can destroy the life of another individual and in a situation like this it's very important our laws keep up with technology."

Some lawmakers are concerned that the bill is too harsh on 18 year olds in high school that are sending pictures back and forth.

An 18 year old found posting a picture of a victim younger than 16 could face a first degree misdemeanor. Senator Audrey Gibson is concerned it could leave a permanent mark on a high school senior's record.

Sen. Audrey Gibson/(D) Jacksonville
"I think we need to make sure it's harassment and it rises to the level of harassment and the level of being vindictive."

The bill had originally carried felony charges but has been amended down to misdemeanors. 

The Florida Sheriff's Association had pushed for stiffer penalties, but is still supporting the bill. Only California and New Jersey have revenge porn laws on the books.