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The floating sign guy leaves drivers in disbelief

ESCAMBIA COUNTY Hundreds of drivers were in disbelief of what they saw on Cervantes and W streets Wednesday in Pensacola.

A man known for holding up signs took his form of advertising to another level.  Some drivers thought he was floating in midair.

Its not every day you encounter something on your routine drive so bizarre you just have to pull over.

How is he doing that? said Zach Burzlaff, Motorist.

Many people had an opinion, some were speechless.

Meet Reggie Thompson, the sign guy.  Youve probably seen him advertising businesses around Pensacola before.  Hes been doing it for six years and it gets tiring after a while so he came up with a way to make his job easier, and get him off his feet literally.

"Did you see that guy? My husband's like that's fake, and I'm like are you sure?" said Stephanie Edington, Escambia County Resident.

Stephanie Edington didnt even notice the African Braid Lounge before Reggie came along.  Proof Reggies earning his pay.

"Everybody love it, everybody come in to ask me how I find him, how he do that.  I've got like three to four customers" said Souradja Djiladou, African Braid Lounge Owner.

Interesting enough, Reggie has quite a story.  He played with the Harlem Ambassadors and claims to hold a vertical leap world record of 53 inches.  Reggie also has a generous heart.  In 2012, he appeared in a Channel 3 News Pay It Forward segment, and awarded $500 dollars to a friend in need.

Now Reggies getting all the attention, turning heads every time hes on a street corner.

"You can definitely get some attention that way and be noticed" said Burzlaff.

While Reggie didnt reveal all of his secrets, he provided some insight into how he pulled off his trick.

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