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Missing animal sought from Tuesday's kennel fire

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --  A fire broke out at Magic Touch Kennel Tuesday evening.
The fire damaged the entire building.
The only animal who died in the fire was the owners of the kennel's pet bird.

A dog ran from the property and has yet to be found.

The kennel has been in business for the last thirty-years.
Tuesday night, the owners were at their grandson's ball game when they returned and saw their business in flames.

The kennel is family owned and operated. One of the family members who was on scene the night of the fire says he first saw his sister-in-law rescuing the dogs from the kennel.

One of the owner's family member Dewey Godwin says "When they came back they could the see the coming out of the roof. She ran and got the dogs and got the dogs out of there."

After the fire was put out, the building was left completely dismantled. Now parts of the roof hang from the ceiling and the floor is saturated with soot. The kennel plans to reopen but when it will open, is still up in the air.

Godwin says this is his brother and sister -in-laws passion, and they would hate to lose their business.

 "We hope to get up up and going again. It just depends on the all the rules and regulations that we have to jump through."

On the night of the fire, one dog escaped- his name is O.B. and he has not been found yet...

His owners are looking for him and asking if anyone has seen him.

The dog's owner Woody Woodward said, "O.B. slipped out the door and was seen running across the little road there into the woods and subsequently had been seen by a couple people."

Woodward hopes they can find him soon. "We don't think anyone would take him I don't believe. I think most of the folks around here are good folks. We would like to see him return to us and we wish he would."

O.B. is a border collie, about 60 pounds and colored black and white.

Have you seen O.B.?

If you have any information on where O.B. is e-mail Ricki Vann