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Eighty passengers confirmed dead from South Korean ferry boat accident

Eighty people are now confirmed dead and more than 200 remain missing in the South Korean ferry disaster.

The president of South Korean is slamming the captain and his crew saying they committed "unforgivable, murderous behavior".
Investigators say they told passengers to stay in their rooms and waited more than half an hour to issue an evacuation order as the ferry sank last Wednesday.
ABC News' Karen Travers has more from Washington.

Divers continue to search for victims of last week's tragic ferry accident off the coast of South Korea.

More than 200 people are still missing, their families desperate for closure and lashing out at the Korean government.

This mother fought back tears as she showed a picture of her missing 16-year- old daughter as a child.

I thought she would return alive yesterday, resurrected. Not just my daughter but I thought all her friends would also return alive.

The search has been difficult as ABC News' Gloria Riviera explains from out on the water near the site of the accident.

Gloria Riviera, ABC News, Maenggol Waterway, South Korea
 "We've seen oil on the surface of the water. That's what makes the visibility so poor and their job so hard."

 And new details from the ship-to-shore radio communications at the time of the accident reveal a frantic scene.

 9:07am: VTS - The Korean Center than monitors ship traffic - asks the ferry 'are you capsizing?' it replies, 'Yes.'

9:14VTS asks is 'evacuation possible' the ferry says that is 'impossible' for passengers.

On saturday, the ferry captain was arrested and as he left court, he bowed his head and apologized to the families of the victims

Also arrested - the 26-year-old third mate who had just over one year of experience at the time of the accident. She was reportedly steering the ferry on a tricky route while the captain took a break.

The captain has come under fire for being one of the first people off the sinking ship.  This is video of him receiving medical treatment after arriving on shore.

Today an angry president of South Korea said the conduct of the captain and  some of the crew was "unfathomable" and "like an act of murder."
 Karen Travers, ABC News, Washington.