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Santa Rosa County offers sand bags to residents to help with flooding

SANTA ROSA COUNTY  --  Channel 3's Anthony Pura continues our team coverage from Santa Rosa County with problems this morning's rain left in our area and how some Northwest Florida homeowners got ready for more.
This is the only street in Santa Rosa County that experienced problems from last night's storm.
Residents say it has a history of flooding.
The water -- not so much an issue for drivers -- but look at this front lawn. It's a swampy mess.
Tuesday's early morning rain didn't help the situation on Rancho Villa Drive.
The street has a history of flooding and was still drying up from the last storm.

Keeley Wright: "With all that rain last night, it's going to be back for square one."
Square one doesn't look pretty for some of the yards on the block, and homeowners say it's more than a cosmetic issue.

Colin West, Homeowner: "We can't use laundry, or showers or anything because it gets, the septic gets backed up and it won't drain into the ground."
A Santa Rosa County spokesperson says this neighborhood is one of the first to see flooding, because it's a low-lying area next to wetlands.
For the most part, streets in the area fared well against the rain.
This is Largo Drive on Santa Rosa Island. Residents say it easily floods.
This time -- it only saw a shallow wash. By noon, winds started gusting -- signs that mother nature has more in store.
Many residents took it as a warning to get get ready.
Santa Rosa County offers free sand and sand bags.
John Detrick and his wife Lou took advantage of the offer.
John Detrick, Gulf Breeze: "We know there's gonna be a heavy drop, but we've prepared for storms every time they're announced."
The couple are long time residents of Gulf Breeze.
They're not sweating what the skies have in store Tuesday night, but say it's good to be prepared.

John Detrick, Gulf Breeze: "The earlier rains were much worse than this, this is not a big deal, from my point of view at least."
The limit is 25 sandbags.

Sand is only available at the following locations while supplies last:

-        Tiger Point Park-1370 Tiger Park Lane, Gulf Breeze

-        The intersection of Citrus Drive and Leisure Street in Holley By The Sea

        Empty Sandbags (25-bag limit per vehicle) while supplies last:

-        From 7 am. to 7 p.m. at Midway Fire District Station at 1322 College Pkwy.

          Sand & Sandbags (25-bag limit per vehicle) while supplies last:

-         Holley-Navarre Fire District at 8618 East Esplanade St.