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Widening PJ Adams Pkwy

PJ Adams Parkway is the western bypass to Highway 85 through Crestview.
Currently, it's a two lane road.

But recently, the Florida Department of Transportation announced an agreement with Okaloosa County to widen that road to four lanes
The agreement will see the FDOT match county funds to accomplish that goal.

The county hopes to ease traffic on Highway 85 as well as provide residents living on PJ Adams with more accessibility to their neighborhoods.
Channel Three's Rob Brown has more.

PJ Adams Parkway is one of the busiest roads in Crestview, and it's only two lanes. But a grant from the State Department of Transportation will be changing that in the next few years.

Nathan Boyles "Its also identified in the documents, that road today is a level F service level. That is not good. That means it already has too much traffic and has exceeded it's capacity that's available."

Through an agreement in the transportation regional incentive program, or trip, local roads can be renovated using state money if they have an impact on a state road.
Because the widening of PJ Adams should help reduce traffic on Highway 85 through Crestview, the DOT approved the agreement.
The FDOT will match 2.2 million dollars put up by the county through a general fund and gas taxes budgeted for road improvements, and will begin phase one of the project, which purchases property and right-of-ways needed to expand the road.
That part of the project is expected to be completed in January of 2016, with construction starting soon after.
PJ adams will be expanded from Highway 85 all the way to the I-10 overpass, and could eventually see the addition of an interstate on/off ramp.
County Commissioner, Nathan Boyles, says they don't expect to have any major negative impact on businesses or residences along that stretch, but that residents should be patient with the project.
"There'll be some bottle necking that's going to occur, it's just the nature of taking a two lane road and making it a four lane road. But the benefit at the end of the day will be worth the short term aggravation."

Katharine Fleming works on PJ Adams, and says the daily traffic from multiple areas causes backups.

"Because of the Eglin traffic and the Duke field traffic also. There's so many that live on this road, PJ Adams, you put that on top of all this other."

The added benefit of the widening of PJ Adams is that it will be classified as an evacuation route, allowing residents in the south end of the county to more easily access I-10. In Crestview, Rob Brown, Channel Three News.