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Ensley flooding

ENSLEY    --  When the flood waters recede, they leave behind families with homes to rebuild and stories to re-live.
Dan Shugart and Markus Morris found some of those stories in Ensley, which is dealing with some of the worst flooding.

Among the worst flooding here at Chandler and Chauncey. And the later who lives here, Kat Eicher.  And first of all, Kat, how quick was this? I keep hearing that this all came about really quickly.

Kat Eicher, Ensley Resident:  Well, within 45 minutes last night, it was at our bottom step. And then it just came in. I mean, it was ankle deep last night, then it came up just above the ankles. And then, I don't know, an hour? And then, this morning, it's much higher up than it was last night. I had my son come get me and we left.  I don't know. I don't know where to go now. I'm going to stay with my son until I figure out. Get this. I don't know, I need to salvage what I can salvage. I don't know what to think.

Salvage what she can the only way she can, in a neighbor's canoe.  Next door, Joseph Murphy comes to help family after rescuing friends and strangers all night.

Joseph Murphy, Rescued Friends:   I had to go help a buddy. He was stalled out in his car.  Him and his kid and his wife. Put us on Facebook, he called me. Went and got him off of Brent, where the Burger King is. Had to pick him up there, take him all the way to Corry Field. And then, the people out at Bristol Park, it's just bad for them.  Had to cut roofs open. All of them. Just glad the community is coming together, you know. Hopefully, we can stick together and get through this.

Around the corner, on Chauncey Road, Tommy Logsdon may have faired only slightly better.  But the experience sounds the same.

Tommy Logsdon, Ensley Resident: It was just so quick. When I came out and looked, the water wasn't even up to the porch yet. An hour later, it was coming in the house.  I mean, just,  wham, you know. Real fast,  yeah.

This is Ensley, south of Nine-Mile Road. There is no creek here. This is rain water, running from a higher yard to a slightly lower one.

Here, at the corner of Sagebrush and Fowler in Ensley, emergency crews are in their tenth hour of non-stop rescues.  The water level here has already gone down over a foot.  So the worst may be behind them, but there's a long way to go.

In Ensley, Dan Shugart, Channel 3 News.