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LATEST UPDATE: South Korean ferry boat accident

The search continues this morning for nearly three-hundred people still missing after a ferry sank off the southern coast of South Korea.

Many are thought to be high school students.
So far ten people are confirmed dead.
ABC's Joohee Cho, is in South Korea and has the latest on the situation.

Here on Jindo Island, anxious families wait for news of their loved ones.  Many exhausted and angry that officials are not keeping them informed on details of rescue efforts and answers to what caused the wreckage.

Information is slow to emerge about what happened aboard that ferry boat, 475 souls on board, many of them high school students when it listed to its side, then sank into the waters on way to a popular resort island.  Nearly 300 people are still missing.

Ships, helicopters and divers battled strong currents, rain and poor visibility-- attempts to inject oxygen into the ship failed today, hampered by all that bad weather.

Fearful parents have grown impatient, overwhelmed by their emotions, some begging officials to get divers back into the water.

And now, a criminal investigation, Coast Guard officials saying the captain was one of the first to escape, getting into a life boat about a half hour after reporting the incident.  ABC News has learned that just one of 46 lifeboats were ever deployed.

Hiding his face in his hoodie-- Captain Lee Joon-Seok   I am really sorry and deeply ashamed.  I don't know what to say.
He offered an apology.
Passengers were originally told to put on life vests and stay in place that loss of precious time may have deprived many of them a chance of escape.

Some small rays of hope, rescues including this brave six year old girl
And we've learned of those heart-breaking text messages between students and their families.  One 18 year old woman writing to her father: Dad don't
worry.  I've got a life vest on and we're huddled together.

She is still among the missing.