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Tropical Storm Bertha formed over the Atlantic Thursday night and is heading west-northwest.  It has winds of 45 miles per hour and is not forecast to become a hurricane. The storm is not forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico.



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Navarre flooding

William Betty spent much of the day ridding his home of wet carpet.
It was damaged in Monday's storm that flooded his home.

He says he had to evacuate just after midnight, because the water started rising inside.
"Just one inch of water is enough to destroy anything that can be damaged by water."

This is actually the third time William's home has flooded.
"It's very frustrating and it's all due to a lack of appropriate drainage out here in Navarre."

William's home is prone to flooding mostly because it sits near wetlands.

The county has put in culverts to help with the drainage,
But the excess water run-off flows into the wetlands which falls out of county jurisdiction.

Stephen Furman - Santa Rosa Co. Public works:
"Our efforts of adding an additional culverts were not enough to save the home because the wetland fills up and restricts how much water can get out of that basin."

Elevating the home could help but it would be expensive.

The County is using grant money to pay for a drainage study which could help find a solution to the recurring flooding.

As for William, he's just thankful he has flood insurance.
"It's sad we had to use it three times within the last nine months but at least we have it."