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Days of asking for 'paper or plastic' may soon end

The days of asking paper or plastic have gone out the window.
Now, some shoppers bring reusable bags to the store.
A proposed legislation would ban paper and plastic forcing shoppers to bring their own bags to the stores.
"As of now many stores only use plastic bags as an option whenever you check out, but legislatures are trying to cut down on pollutants by either banning the bags or charging a fee."
The proposed legislation would charge consumers 10 cents per bag if they didn't bring their own reusable bag from home.
The idea is to push people towards recycling.
Cheryl Fox doesn't want to lose the option of plastic bags.
She says the plastic bags are convenience.
And doesn't want to switch to reusable bags.
"They are really not for me because half the  time I forget and leave it in the car or leave it at home, so I've never bought one and they really don't hold much."
Fox says she understands the green idea behind the switch.
But she already recycles the plastic bags.
She has even used them to line the trunk of her car.
"I think most people should be aware of recycling because it's not just plastic bags you see plastic cups thrown on the side of the road and we really should make a bigger push to recycle all plastics."

Others agree and say the reusable bags are less convenient  for shoppers.
Barbara Tronu  "I do everything on a whim. I've got to get something right now and I don't prepare to go shopping for the day."   
If the "Bag Bill" is passed it would allow every county or city to come up with their own bag ordinances.
This could cause confusion across the state. 
"I guess I'll have to have everything double bagged."

"Many stores try to promote using the reusable bags every time  you check out. Target has a special offer every time you use one of these bags you get 5 cents off your purchase. "

690,000 tons of plastic bags and plastic wrappers are made every year, but less than 5 % are recycled.