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Push to establish Safe Neighborhood program

Some residents of the Northeast Escambia County neighborhood are asking for the county's help to crack down on crime on their streets.
They're asking the county's help in establishing a "Safe Neighborhood" program.
The program is paid for by a state grant, and it would last for three years.
The anti-crime programs are already in place in other neighborhoods including Mayfair and Myrtle Grove.

Channel 3's Anthony Pura shows us what the program does and what why people in Northcross say their community needs it.

It was back in December, 2012, the day after Christmas, someone broke into this home in the Northcross community.
They kicked open the back door and once they got inside, they took off with a television set, jewelry, and even a gun.

Pam Rice, Northcross Resident
"It was terrible, I couldnt sleep most nights."

Homeowner, Pam Rice, says the thieves still have not been caught.
The break-in caused them to get a home security system installed.
But she still hears stories in her neighborhood that make her edgy.

Pam Rice, Northcross Resident
"I've heard a lot about drugs in the area, prostitution, we've run off several people that were undesirable."

Shane Shannon has just moved into the neighborhood.
For the most part, he says its quiet, but he has a few reservations.

Shane Shannon, Northcross Resident
"Just see a lot of people walking around, looks like they maybe up to no good."

A county spokesperson says someone from the Northcross neighborhood contacted the county, and some county leaders think the neighborhood would be a strong candidate for the Safe Neighborhood's program.

The program would educate the neighborhood on resources to turn to and ways to deter crime.

It would arrange a community clean-up and hopefully lead to the creation of a neighborhood watch.
It's administered through the county and paid through a state grant.

Shane Shannon, Northcross Resident
"I'd like to raise a family in a safe secure neighborhood and any government funds to help us out with that would be great."

Pam Rice, Northcross Resident
"That would be great for the neighborhood because we need to keep our neighborhood safe."

How the county reiterates that the program is not a substitute for an actual neighborhood watch program established through the sheriff's department--
But it should be a step in the right direction
Reporting in Escambia county, Anthony Pura channel 3 news.