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Eastern Ukraine latest

(ABC)    UKRAINE    --  In the strife-torn nation of Ukraine, events are threatening to spin out of control.

 Defying warnings from the government, armed men loyal to Russia continue to  occupy official buildings in the eastern part of the country.
That's the same thing that happened in crimea before Russian forces invaded.

ABC's Alex Marquardt is in eastern Ukraine with the latest.

Ukraine on the brink.
Unrest spreading today an anti-government mob violently seized one town's police headquarters.
For over a week across eastern Ukraine, there has been violence and buildings occupied in more than a dozen places
Ukraine's acting president on Sunday threatened what he called an anti-terrorist operation if protesters didn't put down their weapons and leave the buildings.
But that deadline came and went - and the unrest spread on Monday afternoon a local airport was seized.
Ukraine and the United States accuse Russia of sending forces into Ukraine to stoke the unrest.
"We know who is behind this.  Indeed the only entity in the area capable of these coordinated professional military actions is Russia."

We visited one town where two buildings had been seized running into a checkpoint manned by men who said they were Ukrainian soldiers who defected.

Alex Marquardt on-camera bridge:
Big checkpoints like this one have been set up on all the main roads heading into Slaviansk to prevent the Ukrainian authorities from coming in.

This is now effectively an entire town that has been seized by pro-Russian forces.
Russia has denied any involvement, but has warned Ukraine not to crack down and with satellite pictures showing almost 40,000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, the fear now is that Ukrainian military action

Could provoke a Russian invasion.
 Alex Marquardt, ABC News, Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine.E  --