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Cleanup after gasoline truck accident

CRESTVIEW  --  A rollover and gasoline spill shut down a major highway in Okaloosa County this morning.

It happened in Crestview, at the interchange of I-10 and State Road 85.
People couldn't get on the interstate or even across town for five hours.

The impact on drivers and businesses.
Laura Hussey "For hours of what's usually a very busy morning commute, this is what the interchange of I-10 and Highway 85 in Crestview looked like, Shut down"
Around six-thirty in the morning a Tandem Gas Tanker was making the turn from 85 north onto I-10.
Applebees Manager Eric Manning was just coming in to work.
"Stopped at the light, all of a sudden there's smoke everywhere , and I looked over and the trailer is turned over behind the gas tanker"
Crestview police say the weight shifted, the tank rolled over and ruptured, and gasoline started spilling onto the roadway and drainage area.

Eric "I could see it was a gas tank, so when the light turned green, I went ahead and left, I got out of there"
Police had to close State Road 85, the major north-south route through the county, for almost five hours.
Traffic was diverted onto PJ Adams Parkway and Antioch Road.
The backup stretched for miles, as minutes slid into hours.
Scott Munson "This morning the sirens were going off, and we got a call from our friend, saying there was an accident on the interstate"
Scott Munson was planning to head home to Baton Rouge.
Instead, he found himself stranded.
Scott "Well, we're frustrated and we're an hour behind schedule"
Scott "Our hotel's a ghost town right now"
There was an eerie quiet quality outside practically empty businesses.
But inside Applebees, Eric Manning's phone was ringing off the hook.

Eric "Everybody, they're calling me.  I'm gonna be late, I'm gonna be late, cause the roads are closed. But I already knew that"   

Laura Hussey "In addition to the traffic disruption, there were a few businesses very close to the spill that were evacuated immediately after it happened."