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Flood damage on Destin's Holiday Isle

The storm is kicking up some big surf along the coast.
That used to mean flooding and property damage for some people on Destin's Holiday Isle.
But that was before a major beach restoration project.   

Laura Hussey "Despite the surf, this beach is wide enough to take a stroll on, as a result of the West Destin Restoration Project. It was finished just about a year ago; people here say it's made a big difference."

This is the kind of damage storms used to cause at Jetty East.... and they didn't even have to be tropical storms.

Riley Brown/Jetty East "The cement coming up, the beach pretty much disappearing, people were fishing off of the balconies, that's how close the water was to the building. Guests weren't coming back because there was no beach to go lay out on and enjoy."

Rental manager Riley Brown says even on a stormy day, the restored beach looks good.
The new sand has been in place for almost a year.

Riley "Oh it's made a world of difference. Rentals have been up."
Brown says inspectors have checked the beach after several storms, and they tell him it's holding up great.

Matt Kisker from Missouri would probably agree.
Waves used to wash right past the house he is staying in at Destin Pointe.
Today the only thing getting washed is his car.... from all the sand that blew on it.

Matt "Yeah, this is pretty crazy. We've been through some pretty traumatic weather around the Midwest and St. Louis area, but it's the first time I've been to the beach where it's been this windy."

It cost about seven million dollars to restore more than a mile of west Destin beach.
Funding came from bed taxes, along with a portion paid by the affected owners.

Laura Hussey "As we heard, rentals are up at Jetty East since this beach was restored.
That's helped them do a lot of needed maintenance and upgrades on the property."