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Mayfair residents oppose homeless camp

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  An answer to whether or not a homeless camp in the Mayfair neighborhood of Escambia County is in violation of county code is expected before the end of the week.

A special Magistrate hearing was held earlier this week. Now people who live in this neighborhood say they are eagerly awaiting the decision. They do say regardless of the decision-- they won't stop taking steps to get their neighborhood back.

Shelia Peterson- Resident for 15 Years
"It's too close for comfort."

For people who live on Fennel Street here in Escambia County.  Whose property lines the land that is now being used as a makeshift campground for the homeless called 'Sean's Outpost things are becoming more and more frustrating.

Richard Grimes- Resident
"There is a big tent on ECUA property that I understand is code enforcement is fixing to inform ECUA about."

Shelia Peterson- Resident for 15 years
"Follow the rules, do what the system says."

Cindy Martin- Concerned Resident
"We're all joining the fight with Mayfair."

United-- so much that many of the people who live on this street have spent extra time researching and attending special hearings held by Escambia County on the issue.

Cindy Martin- Concerned Resident
"We are really concerned about our children's safety. I volunteer at Montclair Elementary and I have a strong passion for children."

Those who live here say yet little has been done to ease their concerns but understand the proper,  and sometimes slow process must be taken by the county.

That's why they are eager to learn what a special magistrate who was appointed by the county and tasked with  deciding whether or not those who run Sean's Outpost are violating county codes has to say on the issue.

Richard Grimes- Resident
"I'm hoping she'll do what the law says."

As the county sees it.   The campground is in violation based on the facts that the land is zone for commercial use only and that the tents have not been approved to be placed on the property.

Shelia Peterson- Resident for 15 years
"There's nothing wrong with wanting to help someone but do it the right way."

The people who live in this neighborhood say they are handling this situation the right way and have 500 signatures on a petition to stop those who run the campground. The residents say they are prepared to present the petition to the planning and zoning board when the time comes.