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Biggest lesson from teen stow-a-way perimeter fences weak link

CALIFORNIA  --  (ABC) New information about the teenage boy who hitched a ride from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of a Boeing 767.

Experts say the teen is exceptionally lucky to be alive.
Between oxygen depletion and the cold, most people would not have survived the five-hour flight.
Now there are new questions about security at the airport where the teenager managed to slip into the wheewell without being noticed,

ABC's Wendy Gillette has the latest on the investigation.
The 15 year old boy who was a stowaway on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 was able to slip into the wheel well undetected, despite video surveillance that captured him climbing into the landing gear as well as German Shepherds and police officers on patrol.

On Saturday, the teen allegedly fought with his family and then scaled this fence to get on to airport grounds.

"It does appear that he did scale a part of our perimeter fence line under cover of darkness and remained undetected as he then proceeded onto the aircraft ramp and then proceeded into the wheel well of the aircraft."

The boy was still there when the plane took off the following morning.
That's a concern for airports around the country.
"The perimeter fences are obviously a weak link. I think that's the biggest lesson out of this."

Aside from the security issues, there are also many questions about how the teen was able to survive the 5 and a half hour flight. at 38,000 ft- he faced a lack of oxygen and sub-zero temperatures.

He emerged from the bottom of the plane an hour after landing- shocking crews on the ground in Maui.

"He was weak he hung from the wheel valve and then he fell to the ground and regained some strength."

Neighbors of the boy say he lived here in this rental home in a Santa Clara neighborhood with his parents and three siblings.

"They're really quiet neighbors.  So we don't hear noises or anything."
Neighbors say the boy's father is a cab driver, but they had little interaction with the family.

"The 15 year old has been released from the hospital to Child Welfare Services. Investigators believe he was unconscious for most of the flight.

He has not been charged with a crime.
Wendy Gillette, ABC News, New York.