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HEALTH: Getting rid of Belly Fat

Many people wage a war with their bellies..
Fighting to loose those stubborn pounds right across the mid-section.
ABC's Abbie Boudreau got some great tips from the experts to help win the battle against belly fat.

It's the battle of the bulge.
Stubborn belly fat - that just won't go away. No matter how hard you try!

HP: Too many people think working out the muscles on top of fat will make it disappear, but that's just not the case.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer - Harley Pasternak says maybe you're *countless crunches* are making the problem... *worse!*

AB:  Crunches don't help with belly fat??  HP: Crunches do not help with belly fat!!    AB: Why are we all doing crunches?!
HP:  "I have no idea!"

Pasternak says try exercises that lengthen and strengthen your entire body--  like the superman pose -- and the  pike plank 

A simple side bend can help firm up your obliques, and the stiff leg dead lift helps you tone your legs and bottom - all while shrinking your waistline!

AB:  You mean working out your *behind* can help your gut?!
HP:  Yes!

Another secret - smart snacks!  And cutting back on processed foods.
HP:  Roasted chickpeas, Greek yogurt  with berries. These are great  healthy snacks they have protein and fiber and those are 2 components to a healthy snack.

But it's not just diet and exercise ABC News Nutrition and Wellness Editor Dave Zinczenko says reducing stress - and increasing your amount of sleep to
 6 to 8 hours is critical for a flatter tummy.

Dave Z.   A sleepy person is producing more of the hunger hormone Grenlin and that means an extra 120 calories per day which is 12 and half pounds over a year that you have to work off or learn to live with.

And while we still have to eat right and work-out to banish the bulge - at least we can forget about those dreaded crunches

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