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Escambia Co landlord discovers meth lab in rental

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --  An Escambia County man was arrested after his landlord discovered a bag with contents to make methamphetamine inside his rental home.

The Escambia County Sheriffs Office says Laurie Brewer discovered  the bag after investigating a possible water leak inside the home on 77th Avenue.
Brewer took the bag from the home and placed it on the front porch of her home and called 9-11

Neighbors say they've smelled meth being cooked in the neighborhood for months.

"We weren't  actually able to get on this property because of the private property signs, but the Escambia County Sheriffs Office says meth was being made in one of these buildings."
The Escambia County Sheriffs Office says when deputies arrived to the home they found a woman holding a large wooden stick and metal fingernail file.
She dropped the potential weapons and was detained deputies .
Joshua Selph came to the front door and was also detained.
Deputies found a small amount of marijuana in his pants pocket.
During a search of the home a 20 gauge shotgun was discovered along with a cooler full  of water bottles.
Deputies say they contained contents of manufacturing meth.
Buddy Merritt lives behind the home and says he's smelt a strange odor for months.

"You would see cars coming in and out of there all the time of the night.  "It was just a bad odor  I smelt it all the time."
Other neighbors have also had complaints about the rental home and it's tenants.
"Partying, throwing stuff, beer bottles, beer cans, trash in our backyards. We've complained to the owner of the place and all she did was tell us don't worry about it that its her problem."
We tried to speak with the landlord Laurie Brewer but she refused to comment.
John Jordan  "It is a family oriented neighborhood and we try and keep it that way, but you never know who is going to rent and move in."
Selph a convicted felon was arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm and ammunition, and possession of listed chemical and producing methamphetamine.  

"Neighbors hope the Escambia County Sheriffs Office can help them clean up more of the neighborhood."