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HEALTH: Dangers to watch out for in Nail Salons

Some insider tips now on how to make sure your nail salon is safe and clean.
Becky Worley brings us an undercover investigation into the kinds of places you should avoid -- and what you need to know before you go to the salon.

To find out how dirty or even dangerous some nail salons can might be, our friends at 20/20 went undercover.

This woman takes a cotton ball with nail polish remover, uses it on herself, and then on the client.  Ew!

Next files and buffers should be brand new every time- but see what looks like white chalk here- that's a previous client's dead skin being rubbed all over a new client- major no-no.

But worst of all, and even illegal instruments --- this razor called a Credo Blade, it's banned in at least 45 states.

The dirty secrets of an unsafe salon aren't always so obvious, DeeDee Crossett, Dean of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology says your best bet is look for an immaculate salon.

Becky  - "This is where I get my mani-pedis, Isabella's"

Her first tip: Come early
DeeDee -coming early is a great idea.  You can come in, sit back, check out the salon.  Are they taking 10 minutes between each guest?

It takes about 10 minutes for the disinfectant in the tubs to break down
Bacteria like Staph. It also takes time to get new clean tools and about those tools ---- Here's a a little secret:  Becky - "So if they dip the tool in the blue stuff and immediately take it out and use it on me - that's a no go."

DeeDee - "That's a no go - it should be rinsed, completely dried and then taken on to the guest."

Now when you sit down- pay attention
DeeDee - "This is also a proper set up because she has a sanitary  maintenance area - this towel is down to protect you."

And look closely at the instruments.
DeeDee - "So one dead giveaway would be if your buffer and your nail file were inside the disinfected pouch - because there's no way that those items would have been properly disinfected in a steamed autoclave - it would have turned to mush."

Finally DeeDee says one of the best indicators of safety- the price  DeeDee - "So if you look at the price and it's a 6 dollar manicure the Math doesn't add up - they are going to have to skip something, somewhere"

The final insider tip - it is counter intuitive don't shave your legs before you come- if you have cuts or nicks it's an open door for infection

DeeDee - "Go ahead and come in with a little bit of stubble - it's okay  They don't care, get your pedicure, then go home and shave."