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See what it's like to train with Special Forces

When Special Forces troops aren't in combat, they're training to stay ready for combat.
An event this weekend will give civilians a chance to see what some of that training is like.
They'll be teaming up with Special Forces members, in a shooting competition.
Laura Hussey "This is a Gap-10 semi-automatic rifle, very similar to a gun used by Special Forces members. Firing this thing is not as easy as it looks"       

Civilians practice to shoot like pros.
Military members practice to stay alive.
These are Special Tactics Airmen, training at K&M Shooting Center in Baker.
It's also common to see soldiers from the Army's 7th Special Forces Group training here.

Bryan Morgan/owner, K&M Shooting Center "We do it for fun, we're on a one-way range, the things that they have to do, they're going into a two-way range, they're going to be getting shot back at"
Saturday, some of those Special Forces soldiers will lead four-man civilian teams in a marksmanship competition called "Shooting with SOF".
Range owner Bryan Morgan says the recreational shooters and military members share a passion for improving their skills.
He says shooting shoulder-to-shoulder with the troops will give the civilians new insight into what they do.

Bryan "We can pick the day we go and it can be a cool day, it can be a hot day, I can say  well I'm going to go home now because it's too hot. Professional soldier doesn't get to make those decisions"
The range is full of obstacles to increase the realism, and the challenge.
Civilians who take part will pay 500 dollars for the day.
The money will go to family events for the 7th Special Forces Group.
Bryan "To meet that guy and understand what kind of character he is, to be able to talk with him and learn about him, to understand him and his family, it's a great opportunity"

Laura Hussey "Running through this pipe is enough of a challenge. Imagine doing it with a gun in your hand. You can try it Saturday at shooting with SOF, all the info is on our website, weartv.com."

Shooting with SOF