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Escambia flooding

At least one person is dead and hundreds of homes are damaged from the severe weather that swept across the area.

Families living in the Bristol Park subdivision are without a home.
Flooding from last night's storm left major water damage to almost every home in the subdivision.

Several families had to go up on their roofs to be rescued by boats.

Channel 3's Anthony Pura spent the day speaking with people at Bristol Park.
He joins us live with the damage many returned home to.

We've been inside several homes today.
This is pretty typical of the damage.

You can see the water line on this wall, that's how high the water got inside here.

Amazingly, it seems everyone is okay, many of them describing what happened last night.

Take a look at this video we shot this morning when the water level finally dropped and families could return, hundreds of homes with major water damage, people spent the day bringing out furniture and seeing what could be salvaged, amazingly enough, no serious injuries to report but for many, a terrifying experience to walk away from. Residents tell us the flooding started before 11 last night. Some families say they didn't get rescued until past 3 o clock this morning

Barbara Nickell, Bristol Park resident the water flow was so strong, when we were climbing up to the attic, my husband went first, then my son, then me. The water was coming through, I was sitting there and my feet was coming up beneath me, through the bottom. I almost didn't make it through the attic

People who had boats like Brian Jones and David Lee lept into action, making multiple trips through the neighborhood.
David Lee, rescuer, We saw people on the roof, we saw people flagging us down. We just waited to get people out of homes and to safety as quick as we could.

This is a common sight here-furniture out on the street to dry or in many cases, to be thrown out, many families here, not sure what they'll do next, as many have admitted to us, they don't have flood insurance.