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Chile's massive earthquake

CHILE  --  The sirens -
And the shaking.
Sending thousands of people into a panic last night...
An 8.2 magnitude earthquake - striking off the coast of Chile.

Forcing the evacuation of nearly a million people up and down the coast...
The evacuation itself went smoothly by foot."

The deadly earthquake triggered landslides, and sparked fires.
As people ran for safety in supermarkets and in the streets -several hundred inmates - managed to escape from a women's prison...

The quake - struck six miles beneath the ocean floor ..86 miles off the northern port city of Arica..
So powerful - it rocked buildings as far away as Bolivia and Peru -

My kids were very upset and pressing up against the wall,  you could feel the wall moving as well as the floor..

It also set off a tsunami that pounded parts of Chile with 6-foot waves.
Despite the vast wave-activity resulting from the quake - as shown in this animation from NOAA - experts aren't predicting any *major tsunamis.

But - there have already been more than two-dozen aftershocks..
And in this region familiar with seismic activity - some experts predict an eventual earthquake - even stronger than the one -

Chileans are recovering from today. "We expect another 8.8, 8.9 earthquake here sometime in the future.  It could be tomorrow, it could be in 50 years." 

Today in Chile - special military forces are out - guarding against looting.