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Bristol Park Community flood damage

People in many neighborhoods are still cleaning up the mess left over from Tuesday nights storm.
Almost every home in the Bristol Park Community suffered flood damage.

During the storm Jennifer and Martin Stephens noticed the water in their homes starting to rise. Jennifer quickly grabbed their two small children and climbed the entertainment center and ended up here on top of the planter waiting for help. Her husband Martin went this way over here to a window with a flashlight and started flashing the light outside franticly waiting for help.

The water kept rising and the couple feared for their 4 year old Ethan and 10 month old Henry.
Finally a rescue boat spotted Martin in the window,

Martin Stephens "I had Ethan on my shoulders to stay out of the water and I had to hand Henry the baby to Jenny underneath the water. She put him in the boat and came back and I handed her Ethan through the window and under the water and she put him in the boat."

The current was strong pushing the boat into a neighbors backyard.
The water was so high, the boat hit a few mailboxes on it's way to safety.

Marge Stein lives down the road and says the water rushed inside her home fast.
She had just had surgery on her leg so climbing to safety was difficult.

Marge Stein "I just kept sitting there thinking golly this has got to stop and you could just hear it pouring and the thunder and everything was just rolling and all of the sudden the table started to float and it dumped me."

That's when she went to the front door and saw Brenden Moore and her son in law in a boat.
Brenden had been busting down doors all night rescuing Marge's neighbors.

"When I came in the door she was literally blue from hypothermia..the water was so cold that night. When I got in there..there was tears in her eyes. I put my arms around her and said it's going to be okay."

Many people in the area say Brenden and the other men on boats are the reason everyone eventually made it to safety.

Martin Stephens "There is nothing more important than our and they saved us and I'm extremely grateful."   

Saturday Brenden returned to the neighborhood, bringing Marge food.

"I love him to pieces without even knowing him."

Brenden Moore "We just do what we have to do and I don't need a thank you. I don't need anything. I just wanted to be here for them."

Pretty much this is what Jennifer and Martins neighborhood looks like right now piles of items that use to belong to people outside is now completely ruined and they now consider it a loss. But the families are just happy they are safe and together.