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How to determine what your insurance will cover

If your home or business took on water during the storm.  
How it got in will determine what your insurance will cover.
If your roof leaked your property insurance should handle it.
But if it comes in over your threshold, it's flood damage.

Kalie: Now that most people have had a chance to assess the damage with the flooding, there's a lot of questions and some of those questions are pertaining to insurance.

Whether or not this is going to be covered by flood insurance or your homeowner's insurance.

Now I'm joined by a local insurance agent who has more information as to what we can expect or what people should be doing as far as the next step.

Tell me, in your opinion what do you think of what happened with all of this flooding?

Eddie Zarahn/Insurance Agent: "This could be a one-in- one-hundred year event and of course a lot of people who have called our office today do not have flood insurance. They have homeowner's insurance which will not provide benefits for a rising water situation."

Kalie: Over the last 24-48 hours a lot of people left their vehicles out on the road, okay, and they just abandoned them because the water was either too high or eventually the water did end up filling up the vehicle. How does that work? What covers that, is that your car insurance?

Eddie Zarahn/Insurance Agent: "Your car insurance under your comprehensive coverage. So, if you have an automobile policy that has comprehensive, you've got coverage for flood damage to your car."

Kalie: Well thank you so much for joining us and kind of debunking the myths and a lot of the questions that people have been having here along the Gulf Coast.