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Gulf Breeze residents angered by flood relief response

GULF BREEZE  --   It's that long wait for help that has many people on edge and angry.
In Gulf Breeze, flooding victims are getting ready to air their frustrations at a town hall meeting this evening.

In the city 370 homes have flood damage.
Two-hundred of those still have water inside or are isolated by high water.
"This water is coming from behind Gulf Breeze High, Middle and Elementary Schools.   It's being pumped out at two thousand gallons an hour.  That's still not fast enough for residents."))
Like single mom Amanda Evans.
(("Three feet of standing sewage water inside my house."))
Evans is the squeaky wheel.  
(("Called City Hall four times, spoke to the person in charge of the pumps and went there twice."))
Evans says she began her barrage on Day 2 of the disaster.  The water pumps did not arrive until Day 5.

She says other areas took priority.
(("Wednesday, the day after the Methodist Church parking lot was pumped out, the baseballs fields were pumped out."))
(("It may appear that way, but where we did the pumping next to the Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church, the water from the neighborhood drains to that point too by pumping at that low point, we were able to drain the water in that neighborhood."))
Gulf Breeze City Manager Buz Eddy says he's had a steady stream of angry residents -- and only 15-20 pumps to go around.

(("I agree with 'em, I couldn't agree more.  I wish we could do a better job than what we're doing."))
Bill Bohatka says the water pumps did appear in his cul de sac the day after the storm.

(("It's been four or five days and the water has only receded a nominal bit."))
Bohatka says the smell of sludge and mold is overwhelming.

Evans says she's hanging on because strangers from the Living Truth Church appeared.

(("It is amazing.  No FEMA, no Red Cross, but church, it is amazing what churches do in times like this."))

(("We asked God where can we fill in gaps, and we're here."))
The Gulf Breeze Council meeting begins at 6:30 at City Hall.