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Seville Circle storm damage

Our attention is still focused on the clean-up from the storm.
It left many without homes and businesses with thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Channel Three crews have been out all day, gathering stories from some of the hardest hit communities in our area.

We visited the Seville Circle neighborhood today.
It's near Bayou Boulevard and Ironwood road.

Channel 3's Ricki Vann begins our team coverage by showing us how 
Their clean up efforts are going.

You can see the cracks in the wall, the home is teetering off into what is now a body of water. Neighbors say the rain ran through this community like a river.

Anne Baehr couldn't believe what she saw Tuesday night.
"A tremendous rush of water that got deeper and deeper and faster and faster. It became huge rapids and it was just encroaching on the house, closer and closer. So I decided to video it because no one would really believe it unless I videotaped it."

Her husband says the water rushed by their home.
"I mean it when I say Colorado river. It was just roaring water like if you have ever been on a white water rafting trip it was that noise but amplified."

Homeowners in this community are spending the day, cleaning up from what the water left behind.
Elliott Eckland/Seville homeowner, "In times of adversity people pull together and help each other."  "It shows friendship. Like the neighbors, I don't talk to them that often but I opened my home up to them."

"Everybody is just helping each other. People that are out of their homes are spending nights in other peoples homes. I think it just shows that we are a very caring community and you know, we want to help each other."

This is where the water let out after it rushed through this community last week, right into the Bayou Tahar. Where I am standing is now a sand bar but it used to be under water.