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Navarre washouts become hazards

In Navarre, most of the water has pulled back, but it's left some big hazards behind.
There are large washouts on several roads....and neighbors say people are getting too close.

Laura Hussey "This washout is on Sherwood Drive in Holley by the Sea in Navarre. I want to show you how deep it is. Look where that asphalt is...I could stand under there and I'm almost 5'2. Walking forward, look what a big area of road washed out. These drainage pipes were supposed to keep this from happening. Like so much infrastructure in our area, they were completely overwhelmed."

Mini waterfalls.....Pipes.....Caves. To most of us it looks like a disaster, but try to see it through a child's eyes.

Yvonne Nabors/Navarre "Kids were fascinated by it. And we've already seen a couple of snakes out of it"

Yvonne Nabors lives next to the washout. She saw lots of people driving around the caution tape while there was still water on the road.

Yvonne "I'm thinking at some point, we're going to be fishing somebody out of that"

She's seen people with go-pro cameras trying to get deep under the asphalt. And kids....who don't know how unstable and dangerous a washout is.

Yvonne "I mean climbing down in the mud and the muck at the very bottom, and you can hear the asphalt cracking and it breaking off in certain areas"

There's another huge washout on East Bay Boulevard, between Shadow Lakes and Zilla Street. And here's one on Holley Club Drive, not as wide, but look how far back the erosion goes underneath the surface.

Don and Elaine Weikel saw road crews the first day after the storm.
Don Weikel/Navarre "Here is this gigantic hole, everything has collapsed. And the only thing the boy said was hmmmm, we got trouble"

Laura Hussey "The county is taking steps to keep people safe. These are dark roads and you wouldn't want to drive up on these washouts at night. They have sand piled up on both sides to keep people from driving through."