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Tropical Storm Bertha formed over the Atlantic Thursday night and is heading west-northwest.  It has winds of 45 miles per hour and is not forecast to become a hurricane. The storm is not forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico.



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Gulf Breeze still experiencing flooded areas

Some parts of our viewing area are still underwater tonight.
Channel Three's Kavontae Smalls checked out some of the hardest hit areas in Santa Rosa County.

Where people are having to start over.  
"It's all about getting help since we're literally homeless."

"A lot of stuff have been ruined, and we pretty much lost everything in there but they were able to salvage some stuff."

"Several days after the storm, parts of Gulf Breeze are several inches underwater.  I spoke to a couple of homeowners and they tell me they've lost everything and are now left homeless."

"We lived here for about two years, but we just bought it about 5 to 6 months ago."

Brad Foley and his family have to start completely over.

The place they called home for 2 years, flooded out in a matter of hours.
"One of our dogs was barking and waking us up, we thought he had to go to the bathroom or something, then I walked out there and it was just shooting through all the doors and everything thing."

His neighbor Shayna Arnold is also in a rough spot.

The dirty brown water that fills Warrick street, also fills her home.
"We're just dealing with it the best we can, we're waiting on Fema or the American Red Cross or whoever to help us, clearly it's still underwater." 

Jeff Nall still has water in parts of his home. But compared to some of his neighbors he feels lucky.
"A lot of people still have it a lot worse than I do, there are people who had it up to their beds and beyond." 

Each of these neighbors has more in common than just flood damage.
Neither of them have flood insurance.

But in the midst of hardship, community support is apparent.
Members of Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church offered a helping hand.

Belinda Dekozan, "We're just trying to distribute meals tonight to anybody who may need it, for people who may be trapped in their homes and help out anyway we can."

The man that lives at this home the water at one time was as high as this point on the mailbox. If there is any good news out of this whole situation, the water is draining, but at a very slow pace.