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Crazy weather expected to calm a bit going in to the holiday weekend

( ABC)   As millions prepare for the holiday weekend & the beach
Others are cleaning up from tornados, strong winds, large hail & dust storms.
ABC's Susan Saulny has more.
From the northeast  to the mid-Atlantic to the west, millions of Americans struggling with the chaotic aftermath of wild weather

In Pennsylvania, powerful hail.  In upstate New York, Delaware and Virginia, suspected tornadoes
"Crazy I didn't think anything like this could happen here"
This sky view in Hartley Delaware shows four homes and a barn completely destroyed after reports of a twister and just west of Albany, New York, another possible tornado
"I hid behind the wall until it was over"
The winds so strong, this 18-wheeler flipped on its side.

Golf-ball sized hail cracked the windsheld of this US Air flight which landed safely at the Philadelphia International Airport after passing through the storm

More giant hail filled the streets of cities all along the east coast- coupled with heavy rain  that caused flooding along I-95 near Richmond Virginia

Trouble out west, too:  Dust storms so thick they blocked drivers view - six died in a crash in New Mexico

And near Sedona, Arizona, a wind-driven wildfire expanded overnight to cover 11 square miles, threatening more than 3,000 residents on standby to evacuate. With possible rain today, the weather is finally cooperating

"At the moment we're winning the battle. But you know how the cliche goes: It's a war"

All this while an estimated 36 million Americans are expected to hit the road for the long Memorial Day weekend.

In the forecast, good news: The weather is expected to calm down a bit.