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Baker couple loses part of families dogs in the storm

BAKER  --  In Okaloosa County, the early estimate is that 74 homes were damaged in the storm.

In Baker, where water rose in a place nobody expected, and one couple lost what they loved the most.

Laura Hussey "Stanley Lane in Baker is high and dry now. It's almost impossible to imagine that three nights ago, the water was up to here, and firefighters were banging on people's doors telling them to get out"
This was what Kandace and Michael Turman's backyard looked like at that moment except it was pitch dark outside.

Kandace "When they came to the door and they told us we had to evacuate I just turned and I ran to the back, and Michael goes where are you going, and I said the dogs, they're in the kennel!"

Michael "So she makes a beeline out the back door, and soon as she hits the back door, she's in water, waist deep"
Michael screamed at her not to fall into the pool....it wasn't visible under the floodwater.
When Kandace got to the kennel, it was worse than a nightmare.
Water had come in through the doggie doors.
This pup, doodles, and her daughter daisy, were already floating on their backs.
But two dogs were still alive.
Kandace "I saw one of my dogs underwater, the black lab, and I grabbed him by the neck, 'cause he was underwater, and I pulled him up. And then I saw one of them on top of a piece of wood"

Michael Turman "I go back out to check on her, and she's swimming back with one dog under one arm, and another dog floating on a tire, pushing the tire swimming back to the house"
Michael Turman wants to know how four feet of water could rise in three hours.

Stanley Lane isn't close to a river or any body of water.
Their pack has now shrunk from six dogs to four.
But Kandace is wearing her "lucky" shirt, because she saved the ones she could and survived.

Kandace "It was very very scary. But I did it. I did it"
Laura Hussey "The possessions in the driveway will eventually dry out and be put away. But some things will never be the same.