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Naval Aviator program

Ever wonder what it takes to be a Naval Aviator?

For $199, the general public can get a crash course on the entire flight training program that takes three and a half years in real life, condensed down into one day.

It's part of a new program launched by the National Flight Academy called the Naval Aviator experience.
Channel Three's Kavontae Smalls has an exclusive sneak peak on the program.

You've probably heard about the National Flight Academy for students, but now adults have the opportunity learn what it's like to be an aviator.
And that means putting on cool looking flight suits!

The Naval Aviator experience teaches people some of the same things real Naval Aviators are taught.

Under the tutelage from a couple of pilots and a survival expert, I was briefed on my mission...
Then I was shown the intended flight path, which goes from NAS Pensacola, to Pensacola Beach and an aircraft carrier 20 miles off shore.
Before getting into the plane... I had to suit up.

I was put in a CMU-33 aircrew survival vest.
Yes, this thing has a lot of gadgets within it...From flares to a small oxygen tank.
Then it was time for the parachute.

I learned what it's like to be suspended aloft.
I even experienced what it's like to inflate my flotation device... 

And no it wasn't as easy as it looks.

But, I finally got it.
I also learned other emergency procedures like ejecting from a damaged aircraft, and bailing out an airplane.

 "(bell ringing) That means bail out, he would be yelling, bail out, bail out, bail out so off you'd go, you'll jump out here"

Finally comes the flight simulator... My personal favorite.
You simulate basic aircraft movements as well as neat tricks just like the Blue Angels.

"300 feet, they're starting to take pictures of you, that's pretty good. Mac 1.1, you're going 740 knots"

Probably my most challenging task, landing on a moving Aircraft Carrier.
Missed landing on air carrier all in all, it was a neat experience now everyone can enjoy.

For more information on the Naval Aviator experience, call the National Flight Academy at 458-7836.