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Gulf Breeze damage

GULF BREEZE  --  The water is at a stand still around some homes in Gulf Breeze.

We met with several homeowners in Gulf Breeze who say the draining in this area is a problem and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible so they can get home.

We came to Gulf Breeze to do a story on the American Red Cross. They have been giving away supplies all day. "...masks, you name it. Its in here."

They have been getting dirty, going to where the flooding hit homes the worst.
But our story changed when we met Seamas Hunt. He as lived in Gulf Breeze for 18-years and today, he's thirsty. "Yeah it's been a few hours.   I'm a little thirsty."

He has every reason to be.

He's been helping his friends clean up after the rain flooded their home in Gulf Breeze.

He even brought over his camper.
"Ok so you want to put the trailer right here?"

This camper is now, Kim and Kevin Reininger's new home all thanks to Seamas.
"Anything I can do? No I'm just going to try to fit it right in there."

Their home was flooded last week. "We called 911 at 3:30 in the morning. No body ever showed up and a neighbor came over and evacuated me and our dog out of the window by a kayak."

"The water level was up to here in the house and through here, everything was floating."

Kim and her dogs stayed a float on their bed for about 5 hours before they were evacuated.

"I just remodeled the house. I remodeled everything. It was all decorated, it was all palm treed up. It was beautiful. Every room was beautiful. Can't really say anymore."

Now most of her belongings are in their backyard.
"The house is the most important thing. This is stuck that's why its sitting. We are just trying to get the house to where it is livable."

"Seamas, Thank you so much."
"You're so welcome."
Kim, "Thank you for helping us out.
Seamas, "Well a lot of people have helped me out, I'm happy to help you out."

What Seamas never said is that his home is still underwater.
He and his wife Sissy cannot live in their home.

They have to kayak to their front door.
 "Eww smell that! That's awful!"
Seamas met us on his front porch. 

"I happened to wake up around 3 o'clock. And there was about a foot of water in the garage so I woke up my wife and kids. And we started lifting some things my piano and generator. Between 3 and 4 it rose another 2 feet. The water rose rapidly and we decided to get out of here."

Their piano is on stilts- in the middle of their kitchen...
"I can still feel the moisture on it."
"But other than that- everything else got wet."

We talked to the city of Gulf Breeze Parks and Recreation and they say this area should be drained in the next week.