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The power of social media in our local community

n the past-if you wanted action, you would gather the troops, make the picket signs, and made sure you were heard.
Now, all it takes it a post online.

Christina Leavenworth has more on the power of social media.

No matter how you say it....the squeaky wheel gets the grease...or in Japanese culture,  the nail that stands out gets pounded down," but they mean the same thing...
Create the most attention-and get the most action...

In the past few months, we have seen the true power of social media in the panhandle. Different.causes popping up on Facebook, and within hours, thousands of people showing their support for or against it.
"We didn't understand how much power it had"

It had the power to stop a National Reality Show from filming here.

You may remember, Party Down South was seriously considering Pensacola Beach as it's location this year.
Briana Snellgrove didn't like that idea, so she created a page against it and the support quickly grew.

"The growth of page is about 10,000 likes in 24 hours, about 12,000 now, looking at demographics about 20% of the population."

The site made it much easier to assemble the troops, and within a couple days, Party Down South announced they were no longer considering Pensacola.

"It's def a force that pushed officials to notice."
"We were very very surprised...the page itself was an outlet to voice their opinion,"

The site evolved from that...they changed the name to Love Pensacola, where they share positive stories and use it to help others.
After the recent flooding disaster, they asked the members to donate and boy did they come out in force.

The power of social media is endless, especially when it comes to helping others out.
There are pages that raise money for those in need, help find lost children, and even reconnect pets with their owners.

Remember back in the day if you lost a pet-you would hand out fliers and staple them to poles.
Well now you can toss them out.

Now with just one post on the Lost and Found Pets of Pensacola Facebook page, you can reach 10,000 people.
"If it werent for that site, I wouldnt have him."

More than a thousand owners have been reunited with their lost pets.

Chris Graye has had to use their help twice.
"He's trying to find his Juliet, his first day of escaping was Valentines day, I put a pink heart on him, he escaped for 2 days, and then a few months later, Romeo tore through a window screen and they helped find him again."

"He always has his face in the door ready to go....windows open going for action, riding in my car, ready to jump out of the window, he's a good boy and he wants an adventure..

Hopefully his adventures will keep him a little closer to home.
Without the site, Graye's feels he would have never found his dog.
While social media can have great influence, the true power comes from the passionate people behind it.