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Gonzalez Court community cleans up neighborhood after flood waters

Homeowners and renters in the Gonzalez Court Community of Pensacola, have been throwing away things damaged by the flood.
Some say the water got nearly two feet deep in their homes.
Take a look at this house, you can see the water marks left on the screen door here.
And over here -- a car on the driveway -- you can see how high the water got there, too.

Now that the streets are dried up -- it doesn't look pretty for many of these homes -- but people say they have nowhere to go, and for some it's still home.

Drive through this neighborhood and you can tell several homes were flooded.
The homes closer to this retention pond seem to have gotten the worst of the flood.

Juanita Carter has lived at Gonzalez Court for nearly eight years and been through two floods.

Tuesday night's flooding was the worst.
Juanita Carter: "My son woke me up, he open the door and he told his daughter to get some socks for him and the water just started gushing in--and he woke me up. When I came outside, the water was all up on my front porch."

Days later-- she's made a makeshift bed of pillows and blankets on her living room.

Juanita Carter:
"I had a lot of carpet-- and rugs, I kept some of my rugs but I had carpet, I had to throw out everything."

Across the street, James and Eloise Foster have put up clothes to dry in their front yard.
Inside, James has already started to gut their walls.

James Foster: "I know the water line is about 12 inches but I wanted to see how much insulation also got wet."

Their biggest concern -- mold and mildew developing.
The couple bought this house nearly a year ago with their retirement money. They say they will fix it up and continue to call it home.

Residents at Gonzalez Court tell us that they think there's about two dozen homes that were damaged--
We've reached out to the Public Housing office for an exact count--Our calls have not yet been returned