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HEALTH: Five rule plan to be fit for the summer

With the summer just around the corner and people already hitting the beach getting fit is a top priority for many people.
Mara Schiavocampo talked with a top celebrity trainer to find out what you can do at home to look like the stars.
She's the secret weapon behind some of Hollywood's hottest bodies Sarah Jessica Parker Shakira and the very ripped Kelly Rippa..

Anna Kaiser
Hi guys.
So we went directly to dance and fitness Guru Anna Kaiser for her secrets to slimming down by summer.

Anna Kaiser
MS: Is there enough time to make a difference?
AK: 100 percent you guys will see a difference in a week!

Accepting the challenge, mom of two Chaunda Ball  
CB: Let's make them smaller and also with two kids, Natasha Lee.

Natasha   Oh boy.
Anna designed a five-rule plan that anyone can do --- anywhere.

Number one 5 -  300-calorie meals a day.
You keep your metabolism burning and you keep yourself from getting too hungry.

Two  - No sugar whatsoever including artificial sweeteners and alcohol.
MS: Ah, you're killing us.
AK: Sugar acts as a toxin in your body. // The faster you can cut it out and start nourishing your body with real food, the better you are going to feel
Three 8 hours of sleep a night.
The more tired you are // the hungrier you are going to be the next day.

Four  - Drink up! Three liters of water a day.
The 5th and final rule  -  a ten-minute interval workout once to twice a day
30 seconds of skater jumps, 10 windshield wiper pushups, skaters, 10 kickstand planks on each side.  Skaters 10 curtsy jumps on each side.   and ending with more skaters.

Ak: That was approximately four minutes.
Ms: Look at us. I mean, that's amazing.
An amazing planned hopefully, amazing results