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Florida sinkhole continues to grow

Police and geologists are on the scene of a metastasizing sinkhole in Florida. This is right next to the Legoland Theme Park. The sinkhole is threatening to swallow up a parking lot.

Check out this 85-foot-long and 18-foot-deep crater that is getting bigger by the minute in a parking lot just across the street from Florida's Legoland theme park.

Engineers and geologists have been working all night to figure out their next move to prevent the hole from getting any bigger, while onlookers seemed more curious than worried.

This growing cavity is just 40 miles from the 2013 sinkhole that opened up beneath Jeff Bush's bed, swallowing him as he slept.  His body was never recovered.
A few months later experts believe a sinkhole was behind this collapse of a central Florida vacation resort near Disney World.

"We heard a big boom and then the bathtub lifted up and went down," said visitor Debbi Ward.

Sudden collapses of the earth are part of the risks of living in the Sunshine State.

According to a Florida Geological Survey that measures sinkholes and similar incidents in the sinkhole-prone center of the state there have been 296 depressions since 2010 and more than 50,000 square feet of land devoured.

Clare Barroso, who works in the Publix grocery store, says the ground collapsed in less than an hour and a half.

And while there were excited visitors, there are those who know better.

Thankfully no one was injured the next step is to drill the ground for soil samples to determine if the ground is in fact stabilizing.