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Destin clean up

The task of clearing entire cities from floodwater is certainly an overwhelming one.
Some cities are having issues, while others are making progress.

The city of Destin has been making headway in getting rid of what's left of the water.

Flooding caused by the unprecedented rainstorm was described by one Destin employee as "city wide." Now the city continues its efforts to dry itself out.

A Destin official said crews have been working to pump the water from flooded areas around the clock since last Wednesday.

Some, like the intersection of Main street and Planet drive, have already been pumped.
Others, like the neighborhood on Redden Brunson road, still have crews working as fast as possible.

Tania Lash, "They've been here the whole day working, cutting trees down and pumping the water out. So I think that's very significant in itself."

The city placed emphasis on pumping areas where homes were still flooded first, and have re-opened almost every road in the city.
But there's still work to be done for both the city, and those who live in it.

Mcki Gamm,"I just got my power back on a few hours ago. So, just running generators, running pumps, to run the humidifiers, bleaching everything. Just trying to protect what I can."

The city has maintained open communication with Destin residents to make sure the areas who need help the most get it.

Tania Lash, "...My husband wrote a letter to the council. And they've been really good. Like, they've been out here today, the Mayor's personally come out to see us. So I think that's quite a good performance from them."

Residents say they've seen the work the city has been doing, and appreciate the clean-up efforts.

Micki Gramm, "I know the guys I've been talking to have been very responsive, very helpful. So I really appreciate everything. I know they're trying really hard."

Destin officials are hoping that a week of warm weather and sunshine will help dry up the water.