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Saving a Medal of Honor Recipient

Corporal William "Kyle" Carpenter was awarded the Medal of Honor for jumping on a grenade to save a fellow Marine during a firefight with Taliban insurgents in 2010.

It's the eighth Medal of Honor given to a survivor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan.

While the country watched Corporal Kyle Carpenter receive his award, behind the scenes of it all,  is Christopher Frend. Frend is the man who helped save his life.

"When I first treated Carpenter it was like, holy cow, you only see this in the movies. So it was a shock to me. I was probably in shock myself while I was doing it," said Frend. 

Frend is  a hospital corpsman in the US Navy.
He's now at NAS Pensacola, but in 2010, he was the primary medical care-giver available to deployed marines in Afghanistan.
He remembers hearing a grenade go off and finding Carpenter and another marine unconscious and severely injured.

"When I first came to Carpenter, I didn't think he was alive because of the extent of the damage. The grenade blast split his jaw and dislocated it from his face. It was just hanging off the side of his mouth," said Frend.
Not having much to work with out there, his priority was to keep Carpenter breathing and stop the bleeding.
It took about 12 minutes for help to arrive, a fast response but it felt like a lifetime.

"I like black out. I don't know. The training kicks in and the adrenaline is going. And my main focus is, this is my friend and I wanna make sure he makes it home alive," said Frend.

And he did. Carpenter is alive today, in part thanks to Frend.
Frend flew out to Washington D.C. for this moment: to see Carpenter receive the Medal of Honor.
A moment he won't soon forget.
"I'm just excited to see that he's being recognized for what he's done. And it's an honor to say I have served with that guy," said Frend.