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Turtle rescue in Walton County

The Sea Turtle breeding season has begun.

Early Monday morning a 300 pound Loggerhead Turtle climbed onto the Walton County beach just south of 30A, to lay eggs.
But, something spooked it and it headed back for the water.

Before it could get into the Gulf, the turtle fell into a deep hole that beach goers had left uncovered.
It took a few hours and multiple people to dig the turtles' head out so it could breathe.

The rescuers managed guide the turtle back to the water.
The South Walton Turtle Watch hopes it serves as a reminder to beach goers to leave the beach exactly as they found it, by filling in holes and taking all their property and trash with them.

Richard Fowlkes, "Tonight a turtle could come up just as this one did, and fall into a hole if you don't fill it up, or they could run into a chair and get hung up on it with a flipper through it and not be able to get off. So just be considerate."

Authorities say if you find a dead or distressed Sea Turtle on the beach to call the County Sheriff's Office, and let them pass it on to a rescue organization.