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Black Bear hanging out at Shalimar Yacht Basin

Typicaly, Old Ferry Road near Shalimar Yacht Basin is pretty quiet. But on Monday a parade of cars drove by to see a visitor to the neighborhood.

Early Monday morning, a black bear, estimated to weigh around 350 pounds, was found in a tree next to the yacht basin. The bear, according to Cheryl Reaves, who lives in the neighborhood, may have been hanging around overnight.

"I had let the dog out about 10:30, and I thought I actually had saw a kind of like a big object go by me, and I said 'was that a bear?' And the dog was acting kind of strange, so we came back in.

The Shalimar Police Department blocked off the road around the bear. Officer Steve Shadwell says though they aren't seen often, the bears aren't unusual to the neighborhood.

"I think last year or year before last we had some cubs over on Shalimar Drive that became residents of a tree for almost a day and a half."

Neighbors gathered by the dozen throughout the day to snag a peak. Jessie Day got the message about the bear from her family.

"I honestly thought they were kidding. And I didn't think it'd be that big. It's huge."

But everyone we spoke to said they know the bears are around, and aren't overly concerned.

Said Bob Jackson, "Doesn't bother me. As long as I don't bother them they ain't going to bother me."

"No, he's not bothering anyone," Jessie Day said.

Cheryl Reaves said "No, I'm not worried about it at all. We know just to stay inside, and we'll just look out for him."

Officer Shadwell says if you see a bear, the best plan is to just leave it alone.

"More often than the average citizen thinks that they're out walking around. As long as nobody bothers them, then they won't bother us."

Shalimar Police and Fish and Wildlife say in a situation like this, unless the bear becomes a danger to the neighborhood, they prefer to leave it alone. In Shalimar, Rob Brown, Channel Three News.