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Seaweed covers Pensacola Beach

For about a week, people on Pensacola Beach have been dealing with seaweed washing up.  The brown colored algae called "Sargassum" but it doesnt appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Baker family is visiting Pensacola Beach from Oklahoma.  They've vacationed here for the last three summers.  The mom, Kimberley, says they've never seen so much of it. "We came in the middle of June last year and it was nothing like this. It was clean. This is kind of filthy looking."

It's not dirty and it's not harmful, the floating vegetation is actually good for the island.  It helps build up the coastline and creates habitats for marine animals, but it is in the water and on the sand.  Beachgoers say it's hard to get around but it doesnt hurt.  Some members from the Missouri group say they are not afraid to swim in it.

This vegetation washed to shore from strong winds and high surf.  It's not going to leave; only sand will cover it which in turn will build up the island. 

We talked to Pensacola Beach Safety and they say the after the surf dies down and the winds calm, we will start to see the seaweed disappear.  Thats expected to take about three or four days.