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Local concern for heading back into Iraq

With the huge military presence across the Florida panhandle, many local people are concerned about US forces getting pulled back into Iraq.
Channel 3's Kalie Desimone talked to people in our area and found a variety of mixed feelings on this issue.
Senior Administration officials say the U.S. is considering whether to conduct drone missions in Iraq.

Leonard Hixon-
"War is always bad. I don't think it's a good thing."
But at this time the president says he isn't looking to put American forces on the ground.

"If you can do it from the the air, it's always better to do it from the air."
Leonard Hixon says when boots hit the ground.   That's when things can take a turn for the worse.

"We lose soldiers if they are on the ground."
Paul Mitchell is a retired commander of the Navy.

"I support our Government and I support our military."
He served for 34 years and says being there for those who serve our country is key during situations like this.

"If you have the oomph to serve your country and your President sends you to go complete an mission, you do it."

Mitchell says he thinks this decision isn't something the president is taking lightly.

"I believe our President. If he orders air strikes, there a reason for it."
If President Obama orders US military strikes or involves American forces, he would most certainly face opposition on Capital Hill. But there is another big question- where is the money going to come from to fund something like this.   A question politicians will have to answer if this 'assistance' is to move forward.