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This isn't the first time Suarez has bitten someone

It's called the World Cup but maybe it should be the World Plate, if players are going to eat each other.
Delicious controversy at the World Cup and by delicious I mean it must taste delicious or why would this guy keep biting people?
Uruguay's Luis Suarez appeared to sink his teeth into an Italian opponent in blue..
"I just collided with his shoulder. There are just casual incidents that happen during a soccer game," says Luis Suarez.
He did it discreetly, not the way vampire Tom Cruise bared his fangs.
When he pounced on Brad Pitt.
After the apparent bite, Saurez grabbed his teeth while Giorgio Chellini bared his shoulder, showing off the bite mark, but referees didn't call any penalty.
Mega star Saurez has been in trouble for biting opponents twice before....
In almost the top 5 players on the planet, yet, he can't get it into his head this is a game played with your feet not your mouth.
Of course if anyone knows what it's like to be chewed on, it's Evander Holyfield, who had a bit of his ear chomped off by Mike Tyson.
Even missing part of his ear, Holyfield heard about the soccer bite and tweeted out, "I guess any part of the body is up for eating."
Suarez can expect the return of all those internet jokes he was the butt of the last two times he got nabbed biting.
"If you can't beat them, just eat them." In this case Suarez' team, Uraguay, beat Italy by one goal. He should get ready to see himself plastered on "Jaws" posters.
McDonald's of Uraguay got into the act, tweeting to Suarez, "If you feel hungry come take a bite of a Big Mac."
We haven't had such a prominent man bites man story since boy bit boy back in the 2007 viral video sensation "Charley Bit Me."