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Angels in Our Midst

As a former military wife, Ginny Lippard knows firsthand the sacrifices made by our veterans.
When she started looking for somewhere to spend her lonely hours, she found the place where she was right at home.
The VA Clinic welcomed this Angel in their Midst.

Ginny Lippard, affectionately known to all as Ladybug, came to volunteer at the Pensacola VA Clinic right after the doors opened five and a half years ago.  Twice widowed, both of her husbands were veterans.  Now,  living alone, with no family anywhere, this is the perfect place for her.

Greg Majewski, USA (ret.);  "If this young lady wasn't around to keep morales up and everything.  She helps a lot.  I guarantee you."

LInda Brodin, USN (RET.);  "She reminds me of Bob Hope.  Bob Hope never gave up on the veterans.  And no matter what happens in here, everybody loves her."

Ladybug has a sweet spirit and a great sense of humor.  She understands her veterans and offers just the right touch for each one.

Greg Majewski, USA (ret.);  "If somebody's hurting, crying; whatever it is, she gets right in with 'em and takes care of them and gets them going."

Ginny "Ladybug" Lippard, VA Volunteer;  "I see so much sadness and if I can make them feel a teeny bit better, I try, you know, the best.  Because, they deserve, better than me as far as that goes, but I try to make them laugh or something.  Some of them, I have to scold them a little bitty bit, but, you know, They mind me."
And it's not only the veterans who get her affection.  She has a soft spot for their children and grandchildren too.

LInda Brodin, USN (ret.); "She spends her money to get the toys and the coloring books and whatever she can get for the kids.  She's all giving."

Ginny "Ladybug" Lippard, VA Volunteer;  "Because the little kids need something so they can sit and color while they're waiting with their parents and stuff.  It gives them something to do."

The American Legion, AM Vets and Elks help with donations of stuffed animals but Ladybug goes into her own pocket to keep her supply chest stocked.  Now, about that name, Ladybug, and that hat.
Ginny "Ladybug" Lippard, VA Volunteer;  "I put on a hat one time with ladybugs.  Well, I've got three of them.  This one is pretty good but it's about tore up because it's been through a lot.  And every time people come in here, they say, 'Hey, where's Ladybug today?'  And I keep wearing my ladybug hat."

 Her symbol stuck just like Ginny Lippard plans to stick around the VA for as long as her feet will carry her, she says.  This is like home, her heart is here.

Ginny "Ladybug" Lippard, VA Volunteer;  "I love being here.  This is my family.  I don't have none.  This is my family, the vets are.  They're my family."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.