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Rowing lessons offered by the Pensacola Rowing Club

PENSACOLA - Pensacola's Rowing Club is almost a year old, and is continuing to grow. 

Hundreds of people have paddled their way across Bayou Texar while learning more about the sport.

It seems that more people are taking part in the "rowing lifestyle" in Pensacola.

The Pensacola Rowing Club is run by experienced rowers.

Some of them are in the military, and others rowed in college.

Under the tutelage of these guys and girls, just about anyone can learn what it takes to successfully maneuver the oars and steer the boat in sync with everyone else onboard.

Donna Deaton and Rick Hardcastle discovered the club a few weeks ago, and decided to give it a try.

"I came with no expectations other than to just have fun and be out on the water", said Hardcastle, first time rower.

Deaton adds, "they make it look easy, but I'm sure once you get in there it's going to be a little challenging. We'll see".

They both seemed a little nervous at first, but once they got in the water their uneasiness went away.

"I think the coordination to make sure the paddle is out of the water when it's supposed to be, and in the water when it's supposed to be and getting used to that flow, it was fun", said Deaton.

Bob Ozburn is one of the organizers of the Rowing Club.

He says the club's growth could offer the greater Pensacola area a number of benefits, including bringing in rowers from across the country, especially during colder months.

It could also offer scholarship opportunities for students.

"We're talking to UWF about starting a club sport at the college and there's interest there.  We also think it's very valuable to have a high school program developed", Ozburn.

The Rowing Club has free "Learn to Row" days on occasion.

It also has different programs based on skill level.

In total, it's a 12-week course that covers all the basics of rowing.

Based on Rick and Donna's experience, they seem eager to finish the program.

Monthly membership for the Pensacola Rowing Club is $30, which also comes with unlimited access to equipment.

The 6 week beginner class costs $150. 

The 6 week intermediate class costs $150.